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You ended up being stuck in "Shadow Prison" but by mistake, now need to escape from this dark prison.

Part 1 - Cell: The first thing is to escape from the cell, but you have to wait for the sleeping guards, for this, have to wait 10 turns to be able to walk and look for the exit. With the mouse click to advance shifts, every 10 to 10 turns is possible to walk, remember that you get in turn 0.

Part 2 - Main Hall: You just leave the cell, it is now necessary to find the main exit of prison in this part, every turn you can walk at least 1 space or maximum 6 out that the guards can catch you and will leave you stuck in a cell until your grandchildren stale!

You won the game when staying a inifita white screen. You lose when you get a black screen.

(In the manual that comes with the game download, contains images to aid in gameplay.

Match made in 1 bit jam.


Shadow Prison.rar 985 kB

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